advanced technology

Trillium Dental features state of the art dental technology.  Patients' comfort and peace of mind are our priorities, so we consistently adopt the latest technology to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


DEXIS Digital X-Rays

We use a new x-ray technology for taking your X-rays- DEXIS, Dental Electronics X-ray Imaging System.  It’s safer and uses up to 85% less radiation than conventional film and uses no toxic processing chemicals.  Digital x-rays are just another way in which we provide our patients with comprehensive dental care




Our office is proud to use DIAGOdent, a small laser instrument that scans your teeth for hidden decay that can develop beneath the surface enamel of your teeth. Early dectection minimizes expenses related to major tooth repair.  As the laser scans your teeth, it will grade tooth decay using a numeric scale, which allows us to provide a more targeted treatment plan.



Anesthesia using “The Wand”

“The Wand” is a brand new technology that allows us to administer anesthesia with our patient’s comfort in mind. “The Wand”  is a computerized device that administers anesthetia at a consistent pressure and volume, allowing precise control and ease.


Demandforce – E-mail Confirmation and Communication System
We use a convenient, easy to use e-mail and text messaging system in which our patients can request appointments online, as well as receive e-mails and/or text message prior to their appointment.  Our patients simply click to confirm, which lets us know they will be coming to their appointment.  If patients have any questions about their upcoming appointment or need to reschedule, they can also respond by e-mail.

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